Help the environment and save with a FREE convenient eBill 

To change your bill delivery method log in to My Account. You can do this any time, and the change will be effective from your next bill

And don’t forget, even if you want to receive a paper bill, you can still view or download it online using My Account.

Attention Important things you should know

  • You can only opt for a paper bill or eBill notification. You cannot opt for both delivery methods.
  • eBill notifications can only be sent to one email address as specified in your contact details.
    Please check My Account to ensure your email address is correct and current.
  • eBill notifications will also be sent to your mobile via text. If there is more than one mobile service on your account the text notification will be sent to the main service.
  • You can cancel eBill delivery method and revert to paper bills at any time by logging into My Account.
  • There is no charge for eBill notification.
  • eBill notification is only available for Crazy John's postpaid (contracted) customers.
  • If you have a web based email address (Hotmail, Gmail etc) please set the Crazy John's email address ( to be non-junk, to ensure delivery to your inbox.
  • From 1 September, 2012 customers receiving a summary paper bill will be charged $1.10 (inc. GST).
  • The cost for a detailed paper bill is $2.20(inc.GST).


Keep track of your phone usage at any time!

Send a text with the word 'BAL' to 12 61 70 and we'll text you right back with your balance information.

Note: Balance information is indicative only and is intended to be used as a guide, and may not reflect the current status of your account. Usage may be delayed for up to 48 hours after the usage occurs. Data usage may be delayed for up to 7 days. Roaming charges may be delayed for up to 3 months. Please contact our customer service team if you are concerned about exceeding your allowances.

Your Summary Bill Explained

Set up or change your nominated bank account or credit card* details online at: or call 13 22 99.

To make credit card* payments online, visit and login to My Account.

To pay your account using your credit card* 24 hours a day - 7 days a week, call Crazy John's on 13 22 99 and follow the prompts.
Contact your participating bank or financial institution to make a payment from your account. Biller Code: 37937 Customer Reference:

Make your cheque or money order made payable to: Mobileworld Operating Pty Ltd and post toCrazy John's Accounts Department: 250 Ingles St, Port Melbourne, 3207. Ensure your cheque is posted in sufficient time to allow it to arrive before the due date or late payment fees may apply.

Pay at any post office by cash, credit card or EFTPOS.
Payments will appear on your next bill.

Payment difficulties? Please call Customer Care on 13 22 99 to discuss your options.

* Surcharge Fees Credit card payments are subject to a surcharge fee of 1.1% (inc. GST) for Visa & Mastercard and 2.2% (inc. GST) for Diners Club & American Express. The fee will appear on your next bill.